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Swiss Application


The Swiss application process is not different from elsewhere. Usually you need a CV. As you have an international background you don't need to come up with a German CV. Follow the following link to create an English CV: click here. Sometimes you need to put a picture of you on the CV and normally people in Switzerland also tell something about their hobbies. Besides the resume, Swiss send a motivation letter and all their diploma and reference letters. If you have worked internationally you may not have reference letters but prepare to send your diploma in a separate PDF file. 


Some Swiss habits you should be aware of

  • Be on time. Swiss hate to be late.

  • Don't do too much namedropping in interviews. Swiss prefer to be discreet. Therefore, focus on your track record.

  • If you have a Swiss counterpart it is beneficial if you show awarness of the Swiss culture and maybe start the welcome in German.

  • Don't drink or smoke before an interview. 

  • If you have a Swiss counterpart, he or she may welcome you saying your last name. This is common in Switzerland as you only call someone by his first name if he allowed you to do so. Therefore, if your counterpart calls your last name - do the same. 

  • Usually Swiss shake hands at the beginning and at the end of an interview. Look into the eyes of your counterpart and shake the hand firmly. Don't bow.


...and some basics:

  • You don't create your CV for yourself - your create it for the receiver.

  • The first receiver is not always the line manager. It's more likely an HR Assistant. Therefore use only abbreviations if they are common sense and let your CV being checked by someone who is not from your industry.

  • The most important of your appliaction documents is the last position. Make sure you provide enough colour on this position.

  • Your CV needs to be tailormade for every position. Don't send the same CV for different positions. The closer you get to the requirements mentioned in the ad, the more likely you are being invited for an interview.



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